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Coaching Testimonials

Time is perhaps the most precious asset. If we lose money, we can always make more. If a thing is destroyed, we can get another. Once time is gone, it's gone forever. Time is not money; time is more than money: Time is life. The better I can fit the things that are important in my life, the better life is. And that is what I believe Jeffrey Krug has helped me most with: constructing a better life. For a number of years, he has become an integral part of my life, and an integral part of my calendar. I look forward to our regular meetings, even if it means having to admit my shortcomings in the areas he and I work on. I'm truly a satisfied customer. Thank you Jeff.
David L. Milligan, Esq. Attorney At Law, Fresno, CA


"I signed up for coaching because I knew I needed a success coach to not only help me meet my immediate goals but to help me develop into a person who would achieve my life goals.

I wanted someone who would be firm yet understanding; I did not want a coach who was pushing me to the point I would not look forward to our meetings.

Jeff Krug was perfect. He was firm yet understanding and encouraging. I looked forward to our meetings even if I had not completed all the tasks I had planned since the previous calls.

However, I have to say that I completed most of my tasks because I knew Jeff would hold me accountable in an encouraging way. Jeff treated me with respect and that was important and made my working with him a pleasure.

From a practical stand point I am now a better manager of my time; a better goal setter; and a more efficient business man because of my working with Jeff.

I highly recommend him to anyone who is achievement oriented but also knows that life is not all about achievement but personal growth. I thank Jeff for helping me develop as a business man and a person. Thank you, Jeff!"
George Angelo, Pasadena, CA


"During my coaching with Jeffrey Krug, I was blessed in my life by the refinement and skills that Jeff consistently modeled to me on values, business and time management.  This very concept has been a key ingredient to enrich every aspect of my life.

Now, every day is an opportunity to live it even more fully, to prioritize, optimize, organize and realize that the gift to live with integrity, honesty and truth, is ever present as we choose to use our time wisely and at the service of the ones we love and ourselves. Thank you Jeff, for your coaching skills and for what these have enriched the tools I consciously use now for every area of my life."
Ivonne Delaflo
, Founder Transcendental Rebirthing System 


"Working with Jeff Krug has caused me to focus on those areas of my career that are the most important. Since we began working together I am doing a better job of managing my time plus, I am much better organized. In 2000 I can attribute an increase of 125k to working with Jeff."
Mike Bauer


"The areas of coaching directly fit with those areas that the survey showed "needs improvement. Hands on coaching is FAR MORE EFFECTIVE than any single or multiple day seminar."
T.J. Widuch


"Jeff has caused me to focus on what is important. I am setting specific goals and reaching them, which is something I wasn't doing before. My business is growing because of my work with Jeff. I am also using him when I work with associates and dual-partnerships. I recommend him often, because I feel a coach is an important part of being successful in today's market place."
Tim Roche


"My problems were time management and organization. Jeff has helped me to gain anywhere from 1 to 2 hours a week of uninterrupted time, which allows me to get a great deal accomplished, which I wasn't before. I have found that I am a much better organized individual and I better understand my strengths and weaknesses. I have also learned how to better handle people, especially direct reports."
Dave McClung


"Jeff has coached me to chart a new course by starting my own freelance business "Accountants Plus". I cannot wait to begin each day. This is just the challenge I needed. In only five months, I now have five clients, have been able to increase my hourly rates, and provide a education class to other small business owners."
Mary Beth Abascal


"I contacted Jeff Krug when I was preparing for a late-in-life career change. Jeff helped me assess my business skills, prepare me for interviews, strengthen my organization and management abilities and overall, build confidence for the entire hiring process. In a relatively short time I was successful in obtaining exactly the job I wanted and was best suited for. I am very satisfied with my association with Jeff Krug."


"Thanks for your help in a very productive program. It was nice to be a student again. In terms of what you specifically helped me with, I would say the most important was in consistently, and repeatedly, welcoming me to the task. One always starts off with such energy and sense of promise, then tends to deflate. I feel that you kept me on task gently and enthusiastically, which was very important."
Colin Kopes-Kerr, Md. Santa Rosa FM Residency


"I really enjoyed the your coaching, I have learned so much and it has help me in every area of the business. I feel very excited for my future with what I have learned through coaching especially goal setting, because things get done in a timely manor and my dreams can become a reality, which is very exciting. Jeff, Thank You So Much!"
Jackie York Chem-Dry of the Parkland


"Your advice and coaching has been a huge help, and I can't even put a value to what it has done for me so far to date. Thank you."
Cal Drouin


"Thanks for being a great coach. You have made a major difference in my life. Thank you."
Dr. Jana Price-Sharps


"It truly is an exciting time. You know, if I were doing this a couple months ago, without being coached by you, aaaaaah....cannot imagine what would be happening, how I would be thinking and if I really could make it. Thank you for all your input."
Karen Reese


"I invest more time in strategic thinking and as a result am more focused in my business life. This has translated into encouraging our firm to pursue a more focused growth plan whereas we previously jumped from one area to another without adequate planning and commitment."
Mark McCandless , VP RAV Financial Services LLC


"The has been phenomenal and combined with coaching by Mr. Jeff Krug I was able to get focused on my goals to develop every area of my life, most notably my business. Jeff has the ability to cut through your excuses and open your eyes to the truth, which drives you to be more than you thought you could. I've been able to become more disciplined, focused, and driven. Thanks so much Jeff. Anybody who coaches with Jeff won't be the same, guaranteed."
Peter Park


"I knew that I wanted and needed coaching, however I never expected to get not alone the most amazing coach but a kind and thoughtful individual whom I feel so blessed to have in my life. You have had such an impact in my life and you don’t even know it ! And I simply want to thank you."
Monica Harbut Community Business Bank

Training Testimonials

"Our firm has been involved in an Educational Development program with J.L. Krug & Associates since 1996. We have successfully focused on individual sales development through an ongoing series of customized training programs. The training is designed to target areas of performance or knowledge that are inadequate in today's business environment. This was accomplished with a thorough evaluation of each individual and then using the information to establish a strategy to strengthen skills that are weak or deficient. J.L. Krug & Associates have carefully planned and are monitoring our progress. Our performance and job skills are improved, allowing us an advantage in a very competitive environment"
Buddy McGlothlin RISH Equipment Company


"The workshop made me focus on the overall importance of planning before I start a project."
Workshop Participant

"The length of the time management course was just right - long enough to cover materials, short enough not to get bored."

"The material was well prepared and very easy to follow. The J.L. Krug & Associates specialist kept my attention throughout the entire session."

What our clients are saying about ...It’s About Time

Simplicity, Clarity Visual Presentation, Specific
Claudia Molina – Ritz-Carlton Cancun

The investment of my time in learning about Time Management is an investment in my success in all the different area s of my life!
Ivonne DeLaflor – Mastery of Life Foundation

I liked the simplicity and clarity of the workshop. I liked Jeff’s teaching and speaking skills and willingness to assist in answering all questions. Jeff was very patient and clearly an expert in time management and goal setting.
Toby Alexander – The Great Master

The way the material was explained by Jeff and how he covered a lot of information in less than 2 days.
Alex Moutal – Haagen Dazs Ice Cream

Everything! The simplicity of how to apply it to my everyday life
Yolanda Esposito

It was very clear and simple. I have taken so many good things that will bring me to the success that I desire.
Mark Anthony Foxley

Reminding me of starting from setting goals and be a better person.
Tita Lara – Internego