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Hiring Tools

Studies show that the interview by itself is not a reliable method to screen job applicants. Interviewers normally make a decision about an applicant's potential in the first four minutes of the interview.

J. L. Krug & Associates, Inc. offers a number of pre-employment assessments such as the "Prevue Assessment" and "First View" for an objective evaluation of an applicant. Through these assessments, a more honest and accurate judgment is possible in selecting the best candidate for the available position.

Prevue Assessment measures mental abilities, motivation, and personality characteristics. This employee analysis is essential in identifying candidates with the greatest potential.

First View predicts the behavior of a job candidate in any of 15 job categories, including customer service, food service, administrative, warehouse, hospitality, persuasive sales, financial, healthcare, production, telemarketing sales, driver, engineering, information technology, and management. This assessment is ideal for quickly screening out candidates who don't fit the job.